Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking Endeavor

So I know it's not the next day, but I just have to say: I found THE book! Rachel Ray; 365 Recipes: No Repeats.

I look forward to working through this recipe book. Thanks a lot Rachel! I'm very excited about this endeavor. And Really who cares if any one reads this? Well i know i have one fan: Carolyn!

My whole problem is that we eat a lot of unhealthy snacks and sometimes meals (take out pizza), So I do hope this will help me with developing and experimenting to make my own recipes. So I think the first recipe shall be.... hmmm let me check the cookbook.

So 10 minutes later...
I picked: Mega Meatball Pizza and Zippy Italian Popcorn. On page 6. Whether or not anyone will eat this I am excited about it nonetheless.

So my next blog will be about how it turned out and some comments about it as well... But right now its 11:25 pm, and I should probably go to bed. Goodnight all!

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