Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking Miracle

So i ended up making the chicken parmagiana, as i wrote previously... And let me tell you it turned out better than i thought. It had a different taste than my first one. But not a bad taste at all. The maple syrup added a great sweetness to it and actually brought out the taste of the tomatoes. Which is a great encouragement. If something goes wrong in the kitchen: try to fix it, you may be surprised.

Now my friend who also has a blog, gave me an idea of making gnocchi. I have never had it in my life, but it can't be a bad idea. But what do i have with it? Hmmm I'm going to do some research on that too. Maybe like Julie and Julia type of blog ha ha.
Which is one of the many movies i love.
I'll find a cookbook and cook out of that. Now i just need to find a good cookbook. That is the hard part. Instead of french cooking, i do love to eat and cook Italian. Since it is my heritage. Well one part of it.

My boyfriend's family is Irish. So maybe I can find some good Irish recipes too. I have to find the perfect cookbooks.
First I'll go to a bookstore website, and find a good an ideal cookbook. I'm pretty excited about this.
My only problem is i get distracted easily, so i will have to try my damnedest. That means I have to actually do it. :P Let's see how this goes!

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